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Kids bedroom ideas

There are numerous way which you can turn the four plain walls of a kids bedroom is a wonderful fun filled space that they will be happy in. While some require you to pay out large sums of money there are also many other ideas which do not have to cost the earth. Some even get your child involved and if the kids bedroom is designed by themselves they will love it even more.

One of the ways that you can turn any size kids bedroom into a great space is to paint murals on the walls. You simply have to get a cheap brand of white, blue or black paint depending on if you are creating a seascape, night scene or anything else as the base. You can encourage your child to give a helping hand at painting this all over the walls of the kids bedroom and this will be the base. Then get a few colours for the mural, draw a rough design on the walls in chalk and then paint away. This will turn a kids bedroom from plain to them sleeping among the stars or being in the ocean, all for just a few dollars.

Another cheap and simple way to decorate a kids bedroom is to let them get hands on with the paint, literally. Get different colours of paint and then allow them to press hand prints onto the wall all over and anywhere they choose to. You could use any left over paint that you have around the home or you could buy the cheapest brands of small pots you can find from the hardware store.

Laminate flooring is often a great idea for the kids bedroom, this is generally longer lasting and more harder wearing than carpet, and it is easier to keep clean. If you make sure that the flooring is waterproof then spills are easier to mop up. You can of course get a kids bedroom rug cheap enough and just place this in the centre of the room to brighten the floor.

There are also many kids bedroom blinds available some costing more than others, especially if they want one of the well known cartoon characters on it. However if you want to save money while also making something completely unique, then why not buy a plain colored blind and then paint it yourself, artists paint stores will sell paints suitable for clothing which will not wash off. You can even let you child paint it themselves in the same way as the walls.

Stickers can also be used to good effect in a kids bedroom. There are numerous choices and if you paint the ceiling black and then get glow in the dark stars you can stick stars, planets and comets all over the ceiling, which shine up at night and give a great effect. There are also stickers that can be stuck all over walls and also borders can give a great effect in the kids bedroom without having to redecorate the whole of the room. These can also be used to brighten and freshen up kids bedroom furniture and almost any aspect of kids bedrooms.

Kids bedroom painting kids bedroom decorating a kids bedroom
kids bedroom