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Ideas for Decorating a Kids Bedroom

You want your kids bedroom to be a true reflection of who they are, but many parents make the mistake of decorating it how they want it. As a result this can prove to be a conflicting issue for the family. Younger children don't really care about the décor but you will find the older your child becomes the more they want a say in how it is designed.

With this in mind you can set some limits for the older children to help with the décor. A kids bedroom is generally their place to spend private time so even if you aren't too happy about the shade of paint they select or the types of posters they want to hang on the walls you need to be accepting of it. After all you aren't the one that has to look at those bright colored walls or that funky band plastered on all the walls in your kids bedroom. You might also set a budget for the overall project so that they will know they have choices as long as what they want doesn't exceed a set amount.

Regardless of the type of paint you use for kids bedrooms you want to make sure it is washable. This may cost you more but it is going to save you plenty of time and frustration in the end. Almost all children end up coloring on the walls at one point or another so this is just a safe guard to have in place.

You will find your daughter may be into princesses one week and into something else the next. The same goes for little boys who are into ninjas one week and then the planets and the stars the next. Therefore you want to be careful about decorating a kids bedroom with such themes. Sure they are cute, but the fascination with them will quickly pass.

A good alternative is to paint your kids bedroom a color of their choice and then to add wall border. As their interests change you can easily peel off the old border and replace it with something new. This type of border is relatively cheap and for less than $15 and about two hours of work you can have it transformed.

There is plenty of kids bedroom furniture that you can choose to accent their room as well. You can select one of several different types of beds for the room depending on the space you have and the age of your child. There are also desks that fit well for a kids bedroom so they can do their homework or work on their hobbies.

Since most kids have a large amount of books and toys you will want to make sure you offer plenty of storage. This can be in the form of baskets, bookshelves, and even wall hooks that are look great in any kids bedroom. The more organized they are able to keep their room the easier it will be to find what they are looking for.

kids bedroom ideas
kids bedroom decor kids bedroom bedroom